Memorial of the Holy Hierarch Matthew the New Confessor, Archbishop of Athens

Today was the feast day Saint Matthew the New Confessor, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece (+May 14, 1950). Sevesmiótete Kirykos, Metropolitan of Mesogaias and Lavreotikis served the vigil in the Monastery Church of the Panagia Comforter (Παναγίας Παραμυθίας). He concelebrated with Father Andrei Sidnev. A homily was made in honor of Saint Matthew by the sacred-preacher Antonios Markou.

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Thanks to Father Andrei Sidnev for the photographs.

The Monastery Chapel, besides being dedicated to the Panagia Theotokos the Comforter or Consoler is also dedicated to 3 new saints, holy confessors of the true faith; St. Theodosios of the Caucasus (+1948), St. Matthew the New-Confessor, (1950) and St. John the Chosevite (
ΧΟΖΕΒΙΤΗΝ) (+1960).


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