Holy Baptism in The Bahamas

    On Wednesday of Bright Week Hieromonk Father Sozómenos, along with four parishioners of the Saints Constantine and Helen Parish in Birmingham UK, travelled to Long Island in The Bahamas. The sole purpose of the trip was for the Holy Baptism and Illumination of ten new brothers and sisters in Christ. This trip was eagerly awaited by our new members in Christ, because their souls have been seeking it for a long time. The Maillis family who received the Holy Baptism are: Nicholas and Hilda and their children; Anthony and his wife Mattaniah and their son Nikolas, Nina, Luke, Eleni, Philip and Thaddeus.
    This truly blessed family maintain a small but very beautiful house chapel dedicated to the Panagia Portaitissa, where they meet and prayerfully perform the services of our Holy Church.
    May God protect them and give them strength and courage to become new apostles in this perverse age, and may their parish grow with people seeking salvation. May we Christians also keep the Maillis family in our prayers, so that we may be with them in spiritual unity though we are so physically distant.
    Travelling with Father Sozómenos were four members of the Birmingham parish, two of which also received Holy Baptism.

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