Synaxis of the 12 Apostles - June 30th, (wine and oil allowed)

This general commemoration of the Holy Apostles dates to ancient times. The honorable choir of the 12 Holy Apostles includes:

The First-Ranked Peter and Paul (commemorated June 29). Saint Peter was crucified upside-down and St. Paul was beheaded, both in Rome. Their Heads are to be found in the Lateran Basilica, in Rome. 

St. Andrew the First-called (commemorated November 30). He was the brother of the Apostle Peter and preached the Gospel in the Black Sea area, Armenia, Scythia and Greece. He was crucified in Patras, Greece on an X shaped cross, where today his honorable Head is to be found.

St. James, the son of Zebedee (commemorated April 30). He preached in Palestine, where he was beheaded. (Acts 12:2) His Relics are to be found in Campostella, Spain.

St. John the Theologian (commemorated May 8 and September 26). The holy author of the Gospel, the Apocalypse and three Epistles. After the repose of the Theotokos, whom he cared for as a son (John 19:26), he preached in Asia Minor, especially Ephesus, was taken to Rome in chains and was beaten and forced to drink a deadly potion, which did not harm him. He was then exiled to the Isle of Patmos where he converted many.  He lived more than 100 years. He returned to Ephesus and reposed in peace, in a miraculous manner, and his body was transferred to the heavens.

St. Philip (commemorated November 14). He preached in Galilee, various areas of Asia Minor, and Greece, together with his sister Mariamna. He was crucified in Hierapolis, Phrygia. One of his fingers is to be found in Neamts Monastery, Romania.

St. Bartholomeow( commemorated June 11 and August 25). He preached in Arabia, where he was crucified, flayed and beheaded. His Head is to be found in Karakallou Monastery, Mt. Athos.

St. Thomas (commemorated October 6). He preached in Persia and India, where he was pierced with five spears. His Head is to be found in Patmos Monastery, Greece.

St. Matthew the Evangelist, son of Alpheus (commemorated November 16). He preached in Parthia, Media, and Ethiopia. He was burned alive but survived, then gave his soul into the hand God. A part of his Relics is to be found in Zographou Monastery, Mt. Athos.

St. James, son of Alpheus (commemorated October 9). Having traversed many lands spreading abroad the heavenly seed of God's word in the heart of men, he was given the appelation Seed Divine and was finally crucified. A part of his Relics is to be found in St. Panteleimon's Monastery, Mt. Athos.

St. Thaddeus (or Jude), the brother of James (commemorated June 19). He preached in Assyria and was crucified in Ararat, Armenia. His right hand is to be found in the Armenian Patriarchate of Echmiadzim and a part of his Relics - in St. Peter's Basilica, in Rome.

St. Simon the Zealot or Nathanael (commemorated May 10). He preached in Africa and Britain and was crucified. Parts of his Relics are to be found in the Basilica of St. Peter, in Rome, and in Coronas' Monastery, Karditsa, Greece.

St. Matthias (commemorated August 9). He preached in Ethiopia and was tortured, stoned to death, and beheaded with an axe.

Through the prayers of Thy Holy Apostles, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us.

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