News From Kenya - August 2010

The month of August 2010 has been quite active for the faithful in Kenya under the care of Metropolitan Matthew of Nairobi.


At the Monastery of the Holy Angels in Thamanda, Kiambu, 3 baptisms took place on August 4th. MANY YEARS! to these young men, may they always preserve their baptismal garments undefiled.

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The week-long annual boys' camp took place with more than 20 young churchmen attending. This year's main theme was the Divine Liturgy and also there were lessons on Ecclesiology.

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On the Apodosis of the Dormition of the Theotokos, Sunday, August 23rd (Sept. 5th) Metropolitan Matthew of Nairobi Kenya performed  Χειροθεσια/Cheirothesia to the rank of Υποδιακονου/Sub-deacon on the servant of God Francis. Sub-deacon Francis hopes to be tonsured a monk in the Holy Angels Monastery where he was ordained and looks forward to a life serving the Holy Orthodox Church. Many years to God's new servant!

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