Namesday of His Eminence Metropolitan Kyrikos 2006


On Friday, the 15th/28th of July of the year, 2006, the feastday of the holy martyrs Kyrikos and Julitta, His Eminence, Metropolitan Kyrikos, celebrated his namesday. In the evening of the 14th/27th of July, in the Holy Diocesan Church of St. Catherine’s at Koropi [in Attica], Great Vespers were served, officiated by the Metropolitan, who also preached the sermon. During the evening trapeza, the Metropolitan together with the Theologian, Mr. Eleutherius Goutzides, responded to various questions posed by concerned faithful, both laity and monastics, regarding the current ecclesiastical problems. In the morning of Friday, 15th/28th of July, at the same Church, a hierarchical Divine Liturgy was served, presided over by the Metropolitan, with the concelebration of Hieromonk Fr. Amphilochius (Tambouras), Archpriest Fr. Thomas Kontogiannis and Priest Fr. Andrew Sidnev, and the participation of dozens of faithful from the regions of Athens, Larisa, Thessalonica and other regions of Greece, as well as from Cyprus. The festal sermon was read by the Preacher, Mr. Anthony Markou, whereas Hieromonk Fr. Amphilochius made a speech in honour of the celebrating hierarch. A Byzantine choir chanted at the service, led by the Mathematician Mr. Elissaeus Hatzis. After the Divine Liturgy, a festal trapeza was served. Copies of His Eminence’s two new publications, «Orthodox Confession» and the first issue of the periodical «Know the Truth» were distributed to all of the faithful present, as a blessing.

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