The Feast of the Holy Matryrs Julitta and Kirykos on the 15th of July (28 n.s.) 2008

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At the Sacred Monastery of St. Catherine, in Koropi [Attica], Greece the Divine services for the Holy Martyrs Julitta and her son Kirykos were celebrated with joyous festivity.

Our beloved Sevesmiótete Kirykos spoke of the previous days' consecration of Bishop Parthenios in Cyprus and of the coincidence of the two seemly distant commemorations of the saints on this day; the Martyrs Julitta and Kirykos and the Great Prince Vladimir. St. Kirykos was an infant in years, St. Vladimir was an infant in the Faith and yet they were both great in spirit, the one because of his martyrdom, the other due to his spiritual and apostolic feat.

Among the guests were Hieromonk Panteleimon from Croatia, Monk Abraham from Jerusalem, (both of which have recently joined us), and Stavros Markou who is on an extended visit from Australia.






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